Human kind has always searched for self fullfillment.   According to Abraham  Maslow's "Hiarchy of Needs Theory", we try to achieve certain inate human needs during our life time, thus becoming self-actulized.  This site aids in the accomplishment of one of his cornerstones, the collection and safe keeping of assets.  This site will help you leverage the resources of technology, and provide investment professionals to help meet your financial goals.  Enlisting the talents of others who are qualified and experienced in their profession becomes more palitable to clients who realize they have gathered significant wealth, and have come to the realization they lack the time, and the knowledge, to execute proper decisions with respect to the planning process.  Professionals, with over 20 years experience in financial services, can help you grow, protect ,and pass on wealth.  You are invited to engage the services of a talented professional who will help you encompass your financial, needs while saving you your most precious commodity:  TIME.


With a client base spanning 12 states, and over 25 years experience, Commonwealth Financial Network and eplanning360.com is qualified to help. This web site provides tools, and links to resources, that aid professionals, small businesses, and individuals.  Our goal is to provide information and services that would be utilized in financial planning and wealth management. This site touches on some of  the most commonly overlooked areas in the financial planning process. These areas are key for any individual, professional, or business owner in overcoming the hurdles, and challenges associated with building and perserving wealth .  It is designed to intrigue,  provoke and stimulate your investment concerns, helping you  ignite  ideas that may lead you into your planning process along with the help of a skilled professional.